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  • Polypropylene EPS inner lining works two ways both for comfort and safety by providing cushioning to the skull and adjacent areas
  • Scratch resistant visor offers perfect visibility and safety in all conditions and does not deteriorate with the passage of time
  • Rear Ports prevent heat build up that make long rides easier by circulating air throughout the inside of the helmet
  • Chin venting system prevents visor fogging during cold conditions and thus prevents any compromises in visibility
  • Ratchet wheel strap prevents helmet displacement while off-roading or road bumps
  • Very lightweight – makes your driving experience a real pleasure
  • Stylish vibrant colour option enables you stand from the rest and protects the helmet against dirt and moistur
  • Size: Small (55- 56cm), Medium(56- 58cm), Large(58- 59 cm), Extra Large(59- 60cm)

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Black, Blue, White, Maroon, Grey


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