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Helmets for women online

In the following article we will be discussing about women motorcycle helmets or helmets for women online:
There is basicallyno difference between women and men when their head crashes on the concrete. So about all factors which apply to men’s helmets also apply to women’s helmets as well. There are some helmets designed for women which more or less appear to be a fashion thing (different colors), and there are really rare models, which claim to be engineered after female desires.
Women prefer to wear half-face or open face helmets though a full-face one over the half face is suggest as it provides more safety. Some people say that the full-face helmet is not feminine enough but we beg to differ with them. Full-face helmets for women are different in design – add a bit of ‘feminine’ colors/design, etc. There are various options these days.

If you’re not riding much regularly, you can opt for a half face or open face helmet; but if you’re into touring or exploring – there is no substitute for a full face helmet. What type of helmets should women avoid using:
1. Modular Helmets
2. Flip-up type –especially the cheaper ones they are not worth it.
3. Helmets that are Very heavy
4. Motor cross-type Vega helmets.
5. ‘Cricket’ helmets
6. Safety helmets the ones worn by site workers –there purpose is not riding but something different.

Brands to consider while shopping for women motorcycle helmet are:
Vega, LS2, Studds, SOL (Spartan), etc.

There is a wide range and variety of women helmet available online. There are a lot of brand options to choose from, but before making a purchase one should be sure of her or their partners head size and then choose helmet accordingly. A helmet that is loose fit can be dangerous for you so don’t compromise on your safety and select the best fit for yourself.

Top 3 rated women motorcycle helmets are given as follows:

LS2 Helmets Citation Vantage

Nobody wants to or intends to get injured while riding the motorcycle. The safety provided by the helmet comes foremostbesides the elements and appearance of design. If you’re trying to find a women’s motorcycle helmet doesn’t weigh a tonand at the same time it also looks great, this product might be the perfect choice for your needs. This full face motorcycle helmet is made from a super strong and ultra-light fiberglass composite material.
The most important or crucial part is that the unit can be easily open and take off using the quick-release chin strap which can easily be handled with one single hand, even if you wear gloves.
In addition, because of the Twin Shield System, the sun shield is able to protect your eyes. Furthermore, the shield is coated with a fog fighter treatment and is UV resistant.
The helmet ensures a strong airflow and increased ventilation, thanks to the fully adjustable top vents.
Also, the liner can be removed completely for easy and fast cleaning.


Women like to feel comfortable even while wearing a motorcycle helmet. They most likely enjoy the idea of having something comfy as well as stylishover their head. This is the main reason why you’ll be impressed or amazed by the features provided by this product.
The helmet is incredibly lightweight and enables a perfect fit for any sizeas it is made from an advanced polycarbonate composite shell.
The unit is able to offer almost a complete UV protection against sun rays, due to the anti-scratch face shield.
There’s no need to worry about the helmet falling or moving because it is equiped with a side shield lock mechanism that makes sure an ultra-secure seal throughout the entire motorcycling session.
Both the liner and the cheek pads are fully or completely removable.

Shoei Seduction RF-1200

When practicing such a fun but dangerousoutdoor sport, you need to wear the proper gear that keeps you safe and your body intact in case an accident or collision occurs. As the head is the most sensitive area of the body, you shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of a helmet. So, having a model like this on your head will no doubt make a difference.
You don’t have to worry about issues such as weight or comfort because the helmet is manufactured from lightweight materials that meet the SNELL M2015 and DOTsafety and quality standards.
Aside from this aspect or feature, this item comes with a wind tunnel shell that has been tested to ensure or confirm an aerodynamic and compact shape. In addition, wearing this motorcycle helmet brings all sorts of benefits, including a reduction of the noise made by the anti-buffetingand wind properties.
This helmet is suitable for cross-country cruisers as well as track day enthusiasts that want to ride with confidence and in full safety.